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  • Tokyo, Japan - November 3, 2010:  Inflatable Pokemon with Skyscraper backdrop juxtaposing two disparate elements of Japanese culture
    Lawyers Say Pokemon Go Threatens Public Safety

    Alabama lawyer Keith Lee asks whether placing a Pokemon character on private property affects the owner’s interest in exclusive possession of the property. He wonders whether...

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  • 19th century illustration of filling - frequent operation in jewel making. Published in 'The Practical Magazine, an Illustrated Cyclopedia of Industrial News, Inventions and Improvements, collected from foreign and British sources for the use of those concerned in raw materials, machinery, manufactures, building, and decoration.'  (Wedwood, Watt & Co./ W.P. Bennett & Co., London/Birmingham, 1873).
    CA Will Regulate “Ghost Guns”

    California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a law that will regulate “ghost guns,” a term that refers to homemade firearms and has traditionally evoked images of...

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