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    ‘New Law’ Lures Overworked Lawyers

    BigLaw’s long hours and poor work-life balance have led to a growing trend in legal services called ‘New Law.’ It consists of a group of entrepreneurial...

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  • Supreme Court Washington DC Storm
    Where SCOTUS Petitions Go To Die

    Thousands of petitions will be sent to the Supreme Court over the summer, and on Sept. 28 the Court will hold a “long conference” in which...

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  • Social network hashtag
    Avoid Headaches – Use a Hashtag

    When it comes to lawyers using social media, posts and tweets should include a disclaimer any time your words would require one in real life, Casey...

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  • Do You Know Where Your Company’s Data Is?

    Headlines about massive data breaches at major corporations have become commonplace. What’s striking about these high-profile hacks is that many of the affected companies...

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  • Statistics Show IPRs Favor Patent Challenges

    The America Invents Act of 2012 introduced Inter Partes review as a new way to challenge the validity of patents before the USPTO. Statistics...

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