Corporate Governance

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    Tech Firms: Trump Immigration Order Causing “Significant Harm”

    Ninety-seven of the leading U.S. tech firms – including Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Facebook – backed Washington state’s legal objection to an executive order on immigration signed by President Donald Trump. In amicus briefs, the tech firms...

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    Target, Walmart Push Sustainablity In Supply Chains

    Target is pressuring suppliers to disclose ingredients in much of what it sells, including cosmetics, textiles, and personal care and cleaning products, and for the first time it has established deadlines for the removal of some of...

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    Two Governance Commentaries Confirm Expanded Role For General Counsel

    Within the space of less than a month in 2016, two important commentaries on corporate governance were released by two different constituent groups. Both propose thoughtful suggestions on a variety of governance elements that are relevant not...

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    Contract Review Meets E-Discovery

    “Anyone who has had the dubious pleasure of reviewing contracts for a legal, regulatory, or business matter knows that nothing about it is painless,” writes Deloitte’s Richard Vestuto. Often overlooked, he says, is that technology that has...

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    Developing Effective Data Governance For The Internet of Things

    The advent of the “Internet of Things” has added a dense and challenging layer of complexity to manufacturing a wide variety of products. Companies in more and more industries need to fully understand what types of data...

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    Survey: Unfinished Business in the C-Suite

    A survey queried more than 700 executives from 28 countries, across 18 industries ...

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    Delaware Case Makes It Easier For Duped Shareholders To Sue

    The shareholders said they suffered over $800 million in losses when they put off liquidating their stock due to Citigroup’s financial reporting and public statements that concealed the financial state of the company.

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    “Zombie Directors” Targeted By Investor Group

    In 2016, a majority of shareholders rejected 44 directors at Russell 3000 companies, yet 40 of them continued to serve, according to the Council of Institutional Investors, which highlights the persistence of “zombie directors” in a recent...

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    Fearing Litigation, ABA Self-Censors Report On Trump

    In a decision that drew sharp criticism from former members of its media-law committee, the ABA has decided not to publish a report that details some of Donald Trump’s litigation history, calling him a “libel bully” and...

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    Medtronic’s Ireland Move Garners Shareholder Lawsuit

    Medtronic’s relocation of its nominal corporate headquarters to Ireland last year generated a capital gains tax bill for about 20 percent of its shareholders. An activist shareholder is trying to mount a class action that would require...

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