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    Cyberspace Will Be Regulated Soon, Magazine Predicts

    The federal government has been slow to respond to cybersecurity risk, but according to Stratfor Worldview, it will increasingly turn its attention to developing a strong cyberdefense policy, and the resulting regulations will increase the risk of...

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    Proposed Law A Game-Changer For IoT Security

    Taking a backdoor approach to a looming cybersecurity problem, legislation proposed by a bipartisan group of senators would impose significant obligations on government contractors who supply an “internet-connected device.” An analysis of the Internet of Things (IoT)...

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    Christie, Union Clash Over Cybersecurity

    New Jersey Governor Chris Christie issued an executive order outlining a series of changes to the government’s technology infrastructure, but the Communications Workers of America, the largest union of state workers, has challenged the order in court....

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    Negotiating Tech Contracts with a Large Customer

    Getting the chance to contract with a large global company can be a huge opportunity for a small technology company, but it comes with potential pitfalls. Large companies “tend to dictate much more customer-favorable terms and are...

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  • Best Cybersecurity Practices

    The vulnerability of law firms and the magnitude of potential loss was highlighted late last year when hackers stole information about pending M&A deals from a number of firms and parlayed it into $4 million worth of...

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    Researcher Who Busted WannaCry Arrested In Las Vegas

    Marcus Hutchins, who had a key role in containing the ransomware worm WannaCry that recently locked up more than 74,000 systems, was taken into federal custody. According to law enforcement, Hutchins was responsible for developing Kronos, a...

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    Laterals Bring Most Malpractice Claims

    A survey by a major insurance brokerage found the number one reason law firms get sued for malpractice is a conflicts problem involving a lateral hire. “Too often, conflicts are an afterthought when attorneys move from firm...

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    McKesson’s Recent Legal Hire Dealt With Cyber Attack

    One year ago this June Robin Jacobsohn went to work for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. That was not long after a breach of OPM’s internal system had compromised the personal data of more than 21...

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    The Intractable Cybersecurity Threat of the “Business Associate”

    Health Insurer Anthem Inc., which recently agreed to the largest ever settlement in a data breach case, is having to deal with another incident. This one potentially affects far fewer customers than the massive 2015 breach that...

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    How A Customer-Service Sting Brought Down a Half-Billion Dollar Banking Scam

    The Citadel trojan, adept at “draining bank accounts,” infected more than 11 million computers worldwide and cost victims a half billion dollars, according to U.S. prosecutors. The software was sold to cyber-criminals over a period of years...

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