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    Landmark Victory For Western Company In Chinese IP Court

    A six-year long IP dispute that had reached the Supreme People’s Court in China resulted in a victory for a Danish biotech company against two Chinese competitors. This is a case “of a foreign company prevailing in...

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    Chinese Firms Battle For ‘Ivanka’ Trademarks

    At least 65 Chinese companies and individuals have submitted applications to use the name “Ivanka” as a trademark, according to the South China Morning Post. The companies range from alcohol retailers to feminine product manufacturers. Ivanka’s popularity...

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    Frenchman Sues Uber For Revealing Affair To His Wife

    A glitch, since corrected, put his Uber history on his wife’s phone, and allegedly the tale was told. “My client was the victim of a bug in an application,” his lawyer told a French news agency. “The...

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  • Closeup of a businessman's hands wrapped in metal chains. Concept about how bad habits, addiction, debt, dependency, stereotypes, relationships, etc. bind us down, hold us back and limit our progress.
    South Korean Prosecutor Seeks Arrest Warrant For Samsung Chief

    South Korea’s special prosecutor’s office says it will once again seek an arrest warrant for Samsung Group chief Jay Y. Lee in connection with a graft investigation that may bring down the presidency of Park Geun-hye. Last...

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    Hague Seeks Max Sentence For Cyberbully

    Dutch prosecutors are seeking the maximum possible sentence – up to 11 years – for a man charged with cyberbullying dozens of young girls and gay men. He faces more than 70 charges linked to the alleged...

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    The Major Money-Laundering Cases From 2016

    The first case, from the First Circuit, “tests the money laundering statute’s reach in prosecution of an alleged international fraud perpetrated primarily outside of the United States...

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  • Kloosterman_web
    Human Right Issues In Tech Supply Chains

    Multi-national supply chains are squarely in the crosshairs of a wide variety of regulators. The California Supply Chains Act can serve as a roadmap of what a company can do to keep tabs on its own supply...

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  • McGinnis_web
    Self-Certifying Under The EU-U.S. Privacy Shield

    Like the “Safe Harbor” that it replaced, the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield is a voluntary self-certification program with the U.S. Department of Commerce. Underlying both programs is the basic fact the EU doubts that the U.S. ensures an...

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  • Cummings_web
    Sexual Harassment is Global, Solutions are Local

    A look at the basics of sexual harassment law, comparing the U.S. with Europe and Latin America...

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  • iStock_robot
    EU Considers Legal Status For “Electronic Persons”

    The European Parliament is considering whether to give robots the legal status of “electronic persons” as part of an effort to adopt comprehensive rules for how humans will interact with robots, androids, bots, and other artificially intelligent...

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