Company Disconnects Internet-Controlled Garage Door After Customer Complaint

By on April 13, 2017
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April 13, 2017

A customer identified as R. Martin was having problems with his app-controlled garage door, ordered from Colorado start-up Garadget. He went onto the company’s community board to complain, and then posted a negative review on Amazon. Shortly thereafter, Denis Grisak, the man behind Garadget, cut off the garage door from the company’s server, effectively shutting it until further notice. “The abusive language [on the community board] and in your negative Amazon review, submitted minutes after experiencing a technical difficulty, only demonstrates your poor impulse control,” Grisak wrote to the customer. “I’m here to provide the technical support to the customers on my Saturday night but I’m not going to tolerate any tantrums.” The exchange went viral, prompting Grisak to admit in a statement that his response was “not a slickest PR move on my part” [sic].

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