Color caricature illustration of a human brain "wearing" 3-D glasses, i.e., one lens is tinted red, the other blue.

FTC Warns Companies: Don’t Exaggerate AI Claims In Advertising

The Federal Trade Commission has declared its keen interest in what companies are claiming about how they use AI in their products.  Law firm […]

Two people sitting across a desk from each other, only their arms and hands visible. One is showing the other the numbers as displayed on a calculator.

New DOJ Compliance Enforcement Policies Include Clawback

A post from law firm Faegre Drinker looks at a spate of recently announced DOJ compliance enforcement initiatives. The writers, a team of eight […]

Color photo of a modern white building that looks like it's probably a hospital.

Why Healthcare Is A Sitting Duck For Cyber Attacks, And What To Do About It

So-called social engineering attacks – including Phishing, Vishing/Smishing, Baiting, “Quid Pro Quo,” and Pretexting – don’t involve a technical breach in the engineering sense. Rather […]

About 1/4 Of Cyber-Insurance Claims Excluded

Nathaniel Cole, writing in Network Assured, highlights statistics that illustrate the state of the cybersecurity insurance market, among them: In a 2022 survey, only 19 […]

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