New SEC Reporting Requirements

An amendment to financial reporting disclosures mandated by the Dodd-Frank Act has been a long time coming, but it has […]

Three business people gathered around a laptop on a table, with vague technology-suggesting icons superimposed over the blue-tinged photo. One of the persons appears to be explaining something to the other two.

How AI Will Be Regulated

The FTC will probably be the first agency to propose AI regulations, and if a NY Times OpEd written by […]

Montana Enacts Data Privacy Law

The Montana Consumer Data Privacy Act, passed unanimously by the state legislature and signed into law on May 19, was […]

Big Pharmacy Services Provider Breached

An “unknown third party” hacked into computer systems belonging to PharMerica, a leading U.S. pharmacy service provider, and apparently stole […]

web development

The FCC Addresses AI Risks

In recognition of the significant potential and challenges posed by AI, the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC’s) Technological Advisory Council Working […]

Robot hand typing on keyboard

Bloomberg Law’s New Product Solves Pressing Contract Challenges

Bloomberg Law showcased its new AI-powered Bloomberg Law Contract Solutions at the CLOC Global Institute Conference held from May 15 […]

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