Beware The Chargemaster

The Colorado Supreme Court has ruled unanimously that a woman who signed contracts to pay $1,337 for two back surgeries at a Denver hospital but […]

Cartoonish figure of woman wearing an apron looking askance at a young guy staring at his phone.

A High-Profile Scolding For Crypto, And A Fisheye From The SEC

Just at the moment when the value of crypto assets was starting to plummet, some notably gravitas-heavy voices were giving it a decisive thumbs down, […]

Employee Blows the Whistle On Tainted Baby Formula

A complaint sent to the Food and Drug Administration by an employee at Abbott Nutrition’s Sturgis, Mich. production facility claimed the company was hiding safety […]

NFTs Are An Entry Point For IP Bad Actors

Companies should survey the metaverse and other virtual environments for unauthorized use of their trademarks, copyrights, or patents and move swiftly if infringement is discovered, […]

Stylized illlustration of two men sitting across from each otherm negotiating.

Essential Homework Before Shopping For Cyber Insurance

An executive at cybersecurity hardware company Yubico boils it down to six questions that companies should answer for themselves before they settle in for negotiations […]

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