DOJ Calls MLB’s Antitrust Exemption “An Anomaly”

Major league baseball is second to NFL football in tv revenue, average crowd size and other measures of popularity, but 100 years ago Congress exempted […]

You Don’t Pay Me Enough To Sign That Document

In May, Glencore resolved a Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violation with a plea agreement that requires its Chief Compliance Officer to certify its compliance program […]

Brick wall partly demolished.

Mr. Insurer, Tear Down That Wall!

Current policy language for tech and media companies is a relic from the dawn of the digital age, back when companies and their carriers were […]

Cloud Computing Presents Unique Security Issues

Cloud security is the fastest growing segment of the security market, according to Znet. Spending on cloud security rise from $595 million in the US […]

Magazine: June 2022

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