Three ghostly or plaster human figures lurking around office desks with computer screens on them.

$15M For “Passing Around” An Article, And No Insurance Coverage

An investment advisory firm that subscribed to a trade publication found its articles so useful it “passed them around,” rather than purchasing subscriptions for everyone […]

Website Accessibility Regs Coming

The DOJ has posted an announcement of its intention to begin the process of enacting website accessibility regulations under Title II. Comment is open until […]

Diagram-like illustration of self-driving car sending out a signal in bumper-to-bumper traffic

“Autonomous Vehicles” Could Breed Swarm Of Product Liability Plaintiffs

There are an estimated 6 million vehicle accidents per year in the U.S., and most of them, its safe to say, result in one or […]

Shoring Up the Maritime Supply Chain

The Port of Los Angeles has contacted the FBI for assistance in preventing cyberattacks, which are occurring at the rate of 40 million per month, […]

Law Firms, Consultancies Hacked

An Austrian Spyware company, DSIRF, was behind a series of hacks that included law firms. It used “Subzero” – malicious software designed to spy and […]

Close-up of stacks of paper, with hand sticking out holding a little sign that says "Help."

Why The IRS Is Fertile Ground For Scam Non-Profits

A veteran tax attorney recalls the old days, helping people set up charities. The application, called a Form 1023, ran to more than 20 pages […]

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