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$10 Ransomware, $30 For A Passport

Dollar Puzzle With Missing Pieces.  Clipping Path For Puzzle Included.

December 14, 2015

According to a report from Trend Micro, there is a booming market for cybercrime software in North America. Offerings are plentiful and cheap, and to find them all you need are the right search terms. The products include ransomware, credit card information, and many types of malware, as well as phony passports, which sell for about $30, and driver’s licenses, which go for $145. The U.S. bazaar is easier to access than Russia’s but not very secure, so many U.S. sites go in and out of business quickly to avoid detection. The illicit software market in one western European country, in the other hand, is known for its sophistication and relative security.

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