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31,000 Associate-level Temps For Hire


February 2, 2021

Bob Ambrogi writes that LAWCLERK, an online marketplace for freelance lawyers, is enabling firms to hire associates with the ability to handle a range of assignments on a temporary basis. Cost ranges from $75 per hour for a junior-level associate with up to four years of experience, to $100 an hour for a more-experienced lawyer, to $140 an hour for a senior attorney. LAWCLERK takes a 30 percent fee for hosting and managing the service. Freelancers who match postings specifying qualifications can apply for work. Firms conduct interviews and select the best candidate. Associates can be hired in increments of 10-hours-per-month for a minimum of four weeks through the Virtual Associate Subscription service, with no long-term commitment and the ability to cancel with 30-days notice.

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