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A Giant Canary In The Digital Coal Mine

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June 26, 2020

Virtually all law firms and companies with legal departments, and even most businesses with no in-house lawyers, by now are aware of the increased cybersecurity risk they face because so many employees are working at home. But their risks pale in comparison to those of healthcare organizations. These organizations may also have the working-at-home issue, with a few employees at least, but in addition most of them must reckon with the fact they’ve been forced to decentralize their physical presence by way of walk-in clinics, remote care facilities and temporary hospitals, and that in many instances they’ve had to rush them into operation in the face of a life-and-death healthcare crisis. Among preventive measures suggested in this article from a healthcare cybersecurity publication: system-wide use of two-factor or multi-factor authentication. It cites a study from Microsoft that finds “MFA” blocks 99.9 percent of automated cyberattacks.


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