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A New Approach To Preventing Cyberattacks


October 6, 2021

The Data Loss Prevention model is the commonly used approach for keeping data secure from cyberattacks, but it is increasingly less effective as cybercriminals refine their methods. Anti Data Exfiltration (ADX), provides a new solution to this problem. Simply infiltrating a network or a device does not make a successful cyberattack. Without data exfiltration, there is no data loss, no data breach, and no data ransom or extortion. ADX solutions use behavioral analytics to identify unusual behaviors, taking advantage of the fact that malware applications don’t act the same way legitimate users do. They scan for ports, exchange keys with foreign servers, and move laterally through networks in ways that regular users don’t. Targeting them through behavior works better than locking sensitive data behind a barrier. ADX limits the ability for all to send sensitive data outside the network. It works by investigating outgoing data on endpoint devices, which gives it a small footprint, thus making it particularly useful for remote workplaces. It builds on the technology behind Data Loss Prevention while making it relevant to today’s security threats.

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