A Primer On Cloud Security

By on February 15, 2019

February 15, 2019

A blog post on the threat stack site provides some guidance on what some broad categories of cloud security solutions do and don’t offer, and how they deliver security information and alerts to their end users. Network IDS tools rely on known network-level signatures to keep users secure. They date from a time when infrastructure was relatively static and the physical perimeter was all you needed to lock down. They rely exclusively on signatures, so they can’t detect new attacks the way a behavior-based tool can. Other tools discussed are building with point solutions; machine learning for intrusion detection, and deploying a comprehensive cloud security platform. Machine learning is said to be risky because the introduction of new tools and users makes for a constantly changing baseline, which erodes the accuracy of the tools. A comprehensive cloud security platform combines the functionality of many tools into one. Such platforms can allow for customization so they can evolve as the organization’s needs change.
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Threat Stack

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