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American Workers Face Three Types of Burnout

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September 8, 2022

The pandemic has resulted in widespread burnout among American workers. In addition to the general stress and trauma related to Covid-19, many workers find their hours have increased due to layoffs and the surge in responsibility. Research has shown that burnout manifests itself in different ways depending on a person’s work environment as well as their internal resources, how dedicated they are to their job, and what coping mechanisms they have.

To overcome burnout, you need to identify the type of burnout you may have. Overload burnout, the most common, occurs when you work harder and more frantically to achieve success, often to the detriment of your health and personal life. Under-challenged burnout occurs when you’re bored and not stimulated by your job, leading to a lack of motivation. Neglect burnout occurs when you aren’t given enough structure, direction, or guidance in the workplace. The author details the signs of each type of burnout and what you should do about them. Determining which type of burnout you have, and even whether you are dealing with one or two types at the same time, makes it easier to find targeted solutions.

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