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Apple and Ericsson Will Go To Trial

"Hong Kong, China - October 20, 2011: People in the Apple Store at International Finance Center, Central Hong Kong, opened on the September 24, 2011. With 15000 square feet and 300 employees it is one of the biggest apple stores in the world."

February 23, 2022

Apple and Ericsson, having failed to renew an agreement on the licensing of mobile radio technology patents that power 3G, 4G, and 5G, in the iPhone, will go to trial. Ericsson filed suit against Apple last October. The 5G technology that is essential to iPhones relies on patents from Ericsson, as do other smartphones. In the absence of a licensing deal, a series of suits and countersuits have been filed by both companies, alleging that each is wrongfully infringing patents owned by the other. Ericsson doesn’t want a ban on devices or sanctions against Apple, simply a court ruling as to how much Apple should pay for using its technology. The figure floated during negotiations was around $5 per unit.

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