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Attorneys, Judges, Colluding To Hide Legal Malpractice Suits

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September 28, 2018

Dozens of attorney malpractice suits in Colorado remain sealed, and attorneys and judges sometimes “appear to protect each other” to make that happen, says an article in the Denver Post. An investigation found 38 suppressed cases going back five years, and the reporter maintains there likely are more, but it’s hard to get a good count because there is no uniform protocol for categorizing these cases in the records. The Post finds that judges are likely to accede in cases that are settled and where, as is often the case, both side’s attorneys have agreed they want it sealed. “If it wasn’t suppressed,” said one attorney, “you couldn’t get it settled.” The practice of suppressing lawyer malpractice suits, the article says, is in stark contrast to those against other professionals in Colorado, including doctors, podiatrists, pharmacists, optometrists, physical therapists, architects, and plumbers. Those cases remain accessible and must be reported to regulators.

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