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Big Tech Losing Patent Battles Right and Left

"Hong Kong, China - October 20, 2011: People in the Apple Store at International Finance Center, Central Hong Kong, opened on the September 24, 2011. With 15000 square feet and 300 employees it is one of the biggest apple stores in the world."

August 30, 2021

Last week a jury decided that Apple should pay $300 million to Optis Wireless Technology in the companies’ second patent trial, and Sonos prevailed against Google in a dispute about smart-speaker technology. The losses Big Tech is suffering are part of an upsurge in patent litigation during the pandemic. Google alone faced 48 cases. Microsoft, Dell, Google, Samsung, and Huawei all ranked among the top ten most active defendants in 2020. Apple says companies like PMC and Optis are trolls, using patents as legal weapons, not for product innovation. The plaintiffs say that Big Tech uses leverage to squeeze competitors.

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