Bogus Legal Threats Can Be Potent Phishing Lures

By on May 28, 2019

May 28, 2019

The jolt that people get as they read an email saying they are about to get sued is enough to get some of them to click on enclosed links, and scammers have taken notice. A template for concocting a bogus message along these lines, complete with various options for fine-tuning, has been traded on the internet and recently was used to send out “nastygrams” to more than 100,000 business email addresses, reports the Krebs on Security blog. (The post includes a screen shot.) The offending email, despite some awkward phrasing – as in “You have 7 days to reply to this e-mail or we will be forced to step forward with this action” – was able to get past a number of antivirus products.


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Krebs On Security

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