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Build a Company-Wide Culture of Compliance

December 1, 2015

Current digital technology trends are making the job of the corporate legal department more difficult. A shift in the IT landscape has left corporations creating far more data, and that data is fragmented across a big digital universe. However, for innovative law departments this is an opportunity to become proactive, and to reposition themselves within the organization as strategic business partner rather than a cost center. Innovative law departments are focusing on preservation best practices and developing a culture of compliance. That means that employees come to understand that compliance is intrinsic to the success of the business.

Proactive data preservation readiness requires enterprise-wide attention because it involves a dramatic cultural change within the organization, with four key elements: building strategic alliances and effective communication across the organization, assessing and monitoring risk, investing in employee training and effective education, and establishing meaningful policies, procedures and practices.

Compliance is no longer the exclusive concern of the legal department. The risks and complexities associated with burgeoning volumes of data are forcing companies to regard sound preservation practices as a business imperative requiring cultural change across the organization. An important part of establishing this culture of compliance is investing in the front end of the preservation process – automating it, to make the process more efficient, repeatable and trackable. In that way companies can be confident they are collecting only what they need, when they need it.

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