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California Explores Criminal Charges In Wells Fargo Case

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October 25, 2016

When Wells Fargo employees opened banking accounts for customers without their permission, they may have violated two sections of California penal code: one outlawing some forms of impersonation, and another banning unauthorized use of personal information. The state’s Attorney General, Kamala Harris, is investigating that possibility, and has asked for the identities of California customers who had unauthorized accounts opened in their names, information about fees related to those accounts, the names of the Wells Fargo employees who opened the accounts, the names of those employees’ managers and emails or other communication related to those accounts. “It’s not clear whether Harris’ office is considering charges against individual bank workers, high-level bank executives or the bank itself,” the Los Angeles Times reports. In September, Wells Fargo reached a $185 million deal with the Los Angeles city attorney’s office and federal bank regulators.

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