The Lowdown On High-End M&A Risk

According to McKinsey, research shows a 50-50 chance that companies pursuing big M&A deals will outperform industry peers as measured by total shareholder returns. The […]


Stacked wood blocks labelled Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

It’s long  past the time when due diligence before a merger or acquisition was solely a matter of financial and market analysis. Most companies now […]

Streaming Services Consolidate, Price Increases To Follow

Everything in Hollywood is BIG but the impending merger between Discovery and AT&T’s WarnerMedia is MEGA, and according to a regulatory filing on Feb 3, […]

Google Acquires Cybersecurity Company

Google has acquired the Israeli cybersecurity company Siemplify. The price was reportedly $500 million. Google’s VP of cloud security called Siemplify a leader in the […]

A Contract Management Checklist

These four steps are the basis of any effective contract management process, and a misstep at any one of them “can result in unwanted risk […]

Facebook Replies To Its 48-State Antitrust Charge

Facing antitrust claims by 48 state attorneys general who filed a lawsuit in December, company attorneys met with the editorial board of the Dealer and […]

Why A PayPal Shareholder Class Action Was Thrown Out Of Court

Technical problems aside, companies that become aware of a data breach are faced with a spectrum of difficult choices, typically boiling down to three questions: […]

Survey: How Covid Is Affecting In-House Legal

Among the findings: Twenty-five percent said their budgets had been reduced. Workloads haven’t, however, in a few areas in particular…

Negotiating Second Request Discovery

A Hart Scott Rodino Second Request can be a major impediment to the completion of an M&A deal, and compliance can be a challenge. It […]

Big Fines, Early Lessons, From The GDPR

The two biggest fines ever imposed under the General Data Protection Regulation were leveled by the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office in July. Both dwarfed the €50 million ($56.3M) imposed by France against Google in January.