Princeton History Prof, 95, Faces Eviction Over Landlord Dispute

Stylized line drawing of a house front with crossed board blocking the entrance.

A revered emeritus professor of European history at Princeton, where he began to teach in 1961, has received an eviction notice from the owner […]

Malpractice Coverage For In-House Lawyers

Cartoon own on a limb, hold an umbrella over is head.

Its proper name is “employed lawyers professional liability insurance” and it’s worth considering, according to a post from insurance brokerage and consulting firm Woodruff […]

Non-Fungible Quarterback Has Star Legal Team

Illustration featuring many footballs floating in space.

Considered by many to be the greatest pro quarterback of all time, with his uncanny ability to evade defenders and then float 50-yard passes […]

In-House Legal At Google Touched All The Bases, But Still Lost On A Privilege Claim

When it hired a consulting firm to get advice on fending off unions, Google’s in-house legal department was careful when it wrote the retention […]

We’ve Been Hacked! Is There A Lawyer In The House?

Cell phone ringing with urgent message.

When a business suspects a cyber incident, the first call is typically not to a cybersecurity firm, PR firm, or even an insurer. “Instead,” […]

Is Clarence Thomas Married To A Conflict Of Interest?

From portico of Supreme Court, Capital viewedin the distance.

Writing in the New Yorker, Jane Mayer makes the case without quite stating the conclusion, quoting experts like Bruce Green, a Fordham professor specializing […]

“Onerous” New Law Requiring Insurance Disclosures Riles NY Defense Bar

Harried man in suit, running and carrying brief case, tools, charts and a clock.

New York governor Kathy Hochul signed the Comprehensive Insurance Disclosure Act on December 31, immediately imposing new insurance disclosure requirements on defendants in civil […]

The Luxury Side Of the Hack, And Other Cybersecurity Stories That Made History In 2021

Close up of a Rolls Royce grill.

Online publication Motherboard selects nine of the year’s best stories on hacking, information security, privacy, and surveillance “that we wish we had reported and […]

Kennedy Magic Levitates An Anti-Vax Group

Room furniture being levitated as if by magic.

A formerly obscure anti-vax group became a fund raising and propaganda powerhouse when Robert F. Kennedy Jr.came aboard, and it’s now one of the […]

What Lisa Monaco Said

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In a speech before an American Bar Association institute on white collar crime, Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco gave what’s widely viewed as […]