NSA Assures ABA It’s ‘Firmly Committed’ To Protecting Attorney-Client Privilege

The outgoing head of the National Security Agency sought to reassure U.S. lawyers that confidential attorney-client information collected during agency surveillance missions were protected […]

NSA, Overseas Agencies Spied On Talks Between U.S. Lawyers, Foreign Clients

Privileged conversations between American lawyers and foreign clients were compromised by the NSA and its overseas allies, according to new information released by former […]

Attorney-Client Privilege Didn’t Apply To Work Email, Delaware Court Finds

A corporate executive who sent emails to a personal lawyer on a company account sacrificed attorney-client privilege, the Delaware Chancery Court decided. After a […]

GC-Consultant Confidentiality Agreement Not Enough To Garner Privilege

Though MediaTek’s general counsel requested a consultant’s technical report, and the report was filed under a confidentiality agreement, the report itself did not constitute […]

Bounty Unethical For Lawyers Whistleblowing With Confidential Info

The Dodd-Frank Act allows lawyers to blow the whistle on clients violating securities laws using confidential information, but an ethics opinion from a committee […]

Third Party At Meeting Doesn’t Always Destroy Privilege

How should an in-house attorney handle the situation when a third party shows up at a crucial meeting with a client? First, says Burns […]