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Looking Climate Change In The Eye

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A thought-provoking interview with an iconoclast, in the New York Times magazine, comes with no real concrete prescription except possibly look to natural gas for […]

A Recommended Framework For IP Risk Management

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Recognizing IP risks in advance is the best way to mitigate them and avoid being blindsided, either by losing rights before they are protected or […]

Insurers Shunning Oil Pipelines, But The Oil Flows

In a required filing before the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC), Canadian pipeline company Enbridge, Inc. said it’s having a hard time finding insurance for […]

After Crippling Colonial Pipeline Cyber Attack, Industry Still Resists Incident Reporting Requirements

Following the recent Colonial Pipeline ransom attack, there is a push in Congress for new pipeline security legislation, but the bill now on the table […]

Distribution, Not Generation, Said To Be Achilles Heel of Power Infrastructure

A recent report from the GAO warns that vulnerabilities in national electrical distribution systems are not being addressed, and the results of a cyber attack on those systems could be dire.

Law Prof: Private Sector Taking The Lead On Climate Action

With government failing to act or denying a problem exists, major players in the private sector are taking the lead in trying to mitigate climate […]

Protecting Electronic Devices At The Border

A recent episode involving a cell phone search at the border got a lot of media attention, seen primarily through the lens of politics, but […]

Changes in Canada’s Labor And Employment Laws

The government of Canada has made significant changes to the labor and employment laws that apply to federally regulated businesses – banks, air transport, telephone, […]

Greenpeace Beats Back A RICO Suit

A federal judge in the Northern District of California has dismissed a potentially $300 million RICO lawsuit filed by a Canadian logging company against Greenpeace.  […]

Extraterritoriality And The Lanham Act

Recent decisions by the Fourth and Ninth Circuits on issues of extraterritoriality could have a significant impact on Lanham Act litigation. One case involves an […]