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Illustration of a diverse group of health care workers, all wearing scrubs, standing in a group facing the viewer.

Threat Of Violence Rampant In Healthcare, And OSHA May Step In

Violence directed against healthcare workers, already alarming before the COVID pandemic, has gotten worse. A post from law firm Ogletree Deakins says it now […]

Proposed Massachusetts Bills Would Require Transparency in Pay Range Postings and Wage Data Reporting

Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, and California are among the states with pay range laws on the books. Now Massachusetts may be added to […]

Sketch illustration of a lecturer pointing to what looks like a white chalk rendering of a globe on a blackboard.

Time To End The Taboo On “Worst-Case” Climate Scenarios

A post in the online publication Inside Climate News suggests it’s time for scientists and others, including politicians and risk managers, to quit walking […]

Metallic renditon if a guy's head with the top sheared off and smoke coming out of it.

AI Cure For ESG Woes Can Be Worse Than The Disease

Artificial intelligence is widely regarded in the financial industry as the only realistic solution to the massive compliance burden of ESG (environmental, social & […]

Exaggerated illustration of man shocked and alarmed at what he sees on his computer screen.

Could Liberal Panic Over Pending SCOTUS Case Help Trump Steal The Next Election?

Many commentators are misunderstanding – and overstating – the potential consequences of the pending Supreme Court decision in Moore v Harper, according to analyst […]

Cartoon-like illustratin of circle of fingers pointing to a frowny-face in the middle.

When A Corporate Officer Can Be Personally Liable For Unpaid Wages

An appellate court in California has held that a corporate officer, in this case a woman who was both CEO and CFO of a […]

Close-up of stacks of paper, with hand sticking out holding a little sign that says "Help."

Why The IRS Is Fertile Ground For Scam Non-Profits

A veteran tax attorney recalls the old days, helping people set up charities. The application, called a Form 1023, ran to more than 20 […]

Dejected and resigned looking ape behind bars.


Yuba Labs, the brains behind Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) nonfungible tokens, has sued conceptual artist Ryder Ripps. Neither the Bloomberg Law report on […]

Night scene: demonstrating crowd in the street.

Global Insurer: Looming Civil Unrest Is Bigger Threat Than Terrorism

Businesses worldwide should prepare for a rise in civil unrest, according to a post from Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS). Civil unrest “increasingly […]

Illustration of a word balloon broken in half.

Zealous Advocate Caught On Tape Deriding His Own Med Mal Case

In Orange County, CA., a prominent defense attorney won a medical malpractice case, after successfully casting doubt on the cause of death as listed […]