$15M For “Passing Around” An Article, And No Insurance Coverage

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An investment advisory firm that subscribed to a trade publication found its articles so useful it “passed them around,” rather than purchasing subscriptions for everyone […]

Website Accessibility Regs Coming

The DOJ has posted an announcement of its intention to begin the process of enacting website accessibility regulations under Title II. Comment is open until […]

Squire Patton Boggs, John Boehner, Sued Over Cannabis Lobbying Dispute

Image of U.S. Capital building with money floating around it.

A Washington lobbyist has sued the firm and former Speaker of the House John Boehner, identified as “senior strategic advisor to the firm’s clients” on […]

What’s Driving Today’s Hefty D&O Claims?

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Historically, securities class actions have been a major driver of directors and officers insurance claims, and the number of such cases actually fell last year, […]

Bribes Are Illegal, Even If They Aren’t Paid

The fact that offering a bribe is illegal even if the offer is not accepted is counter-intuitive, and bears repeating in training sessions, writes Richard […]

Will Insurance Cover Companies That Facilitate Employee Abortion Travel?

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In states that have banned or sharply restricted abortion since the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, many companies have said they will help employees who want […]

When A Corporate Officer Can Be Personally Liable For Unpaid Wages

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An appellate court in California has held that a corporate officer, in this case a woman who was both CEO and CFO of a company […]

EU Commission Faces Data Privacy Lawsuit

A lawsuit before the General Court of the European Union claims that the European Commission failed to disclose a data breach properly to EU citizens. […]

Why The IRS Is Fertile Ground For Scam Non-Profits

Close-up of stacks of paper, with hand sticking out holding a little sign that says "Help."

A veteran tax attorney recalls the old days, helping people set up charities. The application, called a Form 1023, ran to more than 20 pages […]

New World Of Regulation Looming For Real Estate Industry

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The real estate industry has long been excluded from due diligence requirements regarding client finances, but those days are likely over, or soon will be, […]