“FACTA” May Provide Defense Against Background Check Lawsuits

With the number of class-action lawsuits filed against employers performing criminal background checks on potential employees growing, companies may find an effective defense in amendments […]

GC Couldn’t Keep The Ship On Course

There’s some schadenfreude afoot, but GC Stephen Cutler carries on, emphasizing the lessons-learned…

SEC Crosses The Pond To Analyze UK Hedge Funds

Exercising new powers instituted after the financial crisis, the Securities and Exchange Commission is having meetings with dozens of London hedge funds this week to […]

SEC Proposes CEO Pay Ratio Rule

Companies will have to show how CEO compensation compares to that of average workers under a pay ratio proposal from the Securities and Exchange Commission. […]

Big Upgrade In Corporate Disclosures Since Lehman Collapse

The degree of compliance activity in major companies has increased since the collapse of Lehman Brothers, and disclosures regarding investigations and pending legislation are typically […]

How WTO Rules Shape The World’s Energy Mix

Is the deck stacked against renewables?

For Government Contractors, New Veteran and Disability Hiring Rules

Applicants must be asked to self-identify, and employers must come up with ratio of applicants to hires in the protected categories.

Off-The-Clock Security Checks Under Fire

Employers who want to stay out of court are advised to analyze carefully the differences between practices that are acceptable, given the situation..

New Government Cybersecurity Standards Under Development

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), an agency in the Commerce Department, has been charged by the President with developing a cybersecurity framework […]

Corporate Homicide?

The UK passed a corporate homicide law in 2007, after some high profile worker death cases. There are voices in the U.S. that say OSHA […]