Gig Work Showdown Looms In ‘22

Gig driver with mask looking at her phone.

In November 2020, California’s Proposition 22 passed with 59 percent of the vote, enabling companies like Lyft, Uber and Instacart to classify their drivers as […]

Bribery Crackdown In China

A new anti-bribery Guideline has been issued by China’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. The banner rule: Companies and individuals that are discovered to have […]

What Employers Need To Know About Masks

Person wearing a dust mask.

A post from law firm Littler addresses what is obviously a fluid and rapidly evolving situation, listing what’s required as well as what is recommended […]

Using AI And ML To Reduce Supply Chain Risk: Know What You’re Looking For

Warehouse stocked shelves with "process" icons imposted over the image.

Existing technology – specifically artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) – can in theory be used to reduce inefficiencies in supply chains, but you […]

See-Saw Battle In Largest Ever U.S. Tort Case

Stylized ear receiving a sound wave.

Days after a federal jury in Florida found 3M liable for $22.5 million in a “bellwether” case alleging problems with ear plugs formerly manufactured by […]

A Key Word For Risk Managers In 2022

Stylized old-fashioned sailing ship on a stormy sea.

Calling 2021 “an extremely weird and trying year” and predicting more of the same for 2022, a writer from insurer Zurich North America says the […]

A Pitch for Parametric Disaster Insurance

Hand holding a magnifying glass in front of lines on a chart

With extreme climate-related events the new normal, both carriers and insureds are scrambling to find solutions. Most involve what are intended to be more efficient […]

Compliance Breakdown At JPMorgan

In a settlement with the SEC, the securities giant JPMorgan LLC admits to securities failures dating back to 2018 in which employees, including managers and […]

Transnational Companies Must Sell Into Nest Of Cybersecurity Regs

Collage of the words "yes" and "no."

Almost all products now contain digital components, and many can connect to the internet. These products – ranging from talking dolls to medical devices, to […]

Shareholder Activists Empowered Under Recent SEC Policy Change

A diversity of people -four cartoon-like drawings - with different colored word balloons.

A legal bulletin published last month by the SEC will make it easier to file shareholder resolutions and return more influence to investors, according to […]

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