Predictions For The 2023 Casualty Insurance Market

Cartoon-like illustration of a guy following a circuitous red path that winds around dark holes.

Rates will continue to increase but more slowly, according to a casualty specialist from insurance brokerage Woodruff Sawyer, as the first of his five predictions […]

Sharper Government Enforcement Likely During A Downturn

Ominous looking objects in silhouette - screw driver and hammer crossed in front of a cellphone.

A post from law firm Skadden looks at how government regulators responded to previous periods of economic stress (e.g., the Enron era, and the circa […]

Criteria For Criminal Charges Under Section 2 of Sherman Act

The DOJ’s spring 2022 announcement that it will revive the practice of bringing criminal charges for violations of Section 2 of the Sherman Act has […]

Former Cypto GC Joins Senator Gillibrand’s Staff

Somewhat abstract rendering of lines of smart phones connected by lines, abstract faces on the screens, and gold tokens scattered about.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) has brought in a former general counsel with cryptocurrency company Coinbase to be her chief counsel for finance, according to a […]

Criteria to Guide the Use of Section 2 of the Sherman Act

business man chained and weighed down by anvil

In spring 2022, officials in the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced their intention to revive the practice of bringing criminal charges […]

Mass Exit From Twitter In-House Legal

Somebody's arm over a desk dropping a key into the hand of another arm over the desk.

More than half of Twitter’s recent legal team, including several senior attorneys, have refused to commit to Elon Musk’s hardcore work scenario and are no […]

Hum A Few Bars, And We’ll See About Copyright

Picture of a guy with his ear cocked, hand against his hear to hear better, and into his ear appear to be flowing a tide of letter and symbols.

A powerful program called Content ID is used by YouTube to flag copyrighted music in its uploaded videos. Content ID is so good that it […]

Defanging Regulators

The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in two cases on Nov. 6, Axon Enterprise v. Federal Trade Commission and Securities and Exchange Commission v. Cochran. […]

FTC Signals Crackdown On “Junk Fees”

Illustration of a human figure balancing on the edge of a tipped die.

The Federal Trade Commission has launched a rulemaking process to advance federal regulation of deceptive fees, also known as junk fees. “It’s beyond frustrating to […]

Crimped By Labor Shortage, U.S. Companies Push For A DACA Fix

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U.S. Companies are bemoaning the possible expiration of DACA, and some major companies – including Microsoft, Apple, and IBM – have come out in favor […]