Zero For 2: Scathing Dismissal Of Uber Race Bias Complaint In CA

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A federal judge in the Northern District of California, for the second time, has dismissed a putative class action alleging racial disparity in the termination […]

Ninth Circuit Enforces Non-Compete

A three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a preliminary injunction enforcing a non-compete agreement against a former employee who left […]

Health and Safety Are Key to Restructuring in France

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Notwithstanding the extensive financial support of the government, the pandemic has put a great strain on many companies in France, leaving them no choice but […]

What Can You Do With A Few Billion Faceprints?

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Not as much as you could before the recently announced settlement between Clearview AI and the American Civil Liberties Union, according to the ACLU. Clearview […]

A High-Profile Scolding For Crypto, And A Fisheye From The SEC

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Just at the moment when the value of crypto assets was starting to plummet, some notably gravitas-heavy voices were giving it a decisive thumbs down, […]

Employee Blows the Whistle On Tainted Baby Formula

A complaint sent to the Food and Drug Administration by an employee at Abbott Nutrition’s Sturgis, Mich. production facility claimed the company was hiding safety […]

Intuit Settles With AGs

A 2019 ProPublica report on Intuit’s ads for a “free” TurboTax service that wasn’t free prompted New York Attorney General Letitia James to sue. All […]

FCPA Violations Lead To Money Laundering Charges

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act training should include a component devoted to money laundering. In the past five years more than 80 percent of those indicted […]

How To Respond To Whistleblower Demands

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The company receives a letter from a former employee, alleging the company has engaged in a financial fraud and demanding a seven-figure payment, or else […]

Looking Climate Change In The Eye

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A thought-provoking interview with an iconoclast, in the New York Times magazine, comes with no real concrete prescription except possibly look to natural gas for […]