USPTO Pressured To Change Drug Patenting

Some pointed letters have been written to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by FDA acting Commissioner Janet Woodcock, and Sens. Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont, and […]

Dark Money Said To Fuel Supreme Court Amicus Briefs

Abtract illustration of one person whispering into another person's ear.

An article in Politico looks at what the writer says amounts to a dark money lobbying campaign by the National Rifle Association, as the Supreme […]

AI Cure For ESG Woes Can Be Worse Than The Disease

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Artificial intelligence is widely regarded in the financial industry as the only realistic solution to the massive compliance burden of ESG (environmental, social & governance) […]

A Patented Method For Raising Drug Prices

Dennis Crouch, writing in PatentlyO, describes a form of “paper infringement” used in conflicts between branded pharmaceuticals and their generic counterparts. It is a legal […]

Is the Audit and Advisory Industry Ethically Challenged?

Two big audit and advisory firms have been sanctioned and fined by the SEC for cheating on ethics exams. Writing in the FCPA Blog, Caterina […]

Lawyers, Journalists Sue CIA & Pompeo, Claim Their Phones Were Stripped

Demonstrators with masks at a demonstration in support of Assange, his photo faintly visible on a sign in the background.

The CIA and its former director Mike Pompeo are being sued by journalists and attorneys who claim data was exfiltrated from their phones when they […]

Insurance Issues Around Dobbs

Following Dobbs, the Supreme Court’s anti-abortion ruling, many companies are offering benefits to employees who cross state lines to get an abortion. That raises issues […]

SEC Coinbase Saga Continues

In an insider trading lawsuit against one of its former employees, the SEC accuses Coinbase, the publicly traded cryptocurrency exchange platform, of listing “at least […]

Conundrum After The Breach: What To Say And How To Say It

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In the perilous aftermath of a data breach, strategies that seemingly address one potential problem can make others more likely, as explained in this post […]

$15M For “Passing Around” An Article, And No Insurance Coverage

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An investment advisory firm that subscribed to a trade publication found its articles so useful it “passed them around,” rather than purchasing subscriptions for everyone […]