State Law And Video Surveillance Of The Workplace

Close-up of a 360 degree installed camera with a long warehouse aisle out of focus in the background.

Employers cite many reasons for subjecting employees to video surveillance. Among them, says a post from the Bradley law firm, are insuring employee safety, improving […]

Health Care Co, Under Scrutiny For Overbilling, Is Big Donor To State AG

Silhouette of businessman with briefcase, with swirls of iconic money images revolving around his head, and a question mark above his head.

A healthcare company in the process of settling “Medicaid billing issues” with the state of Georgia has been a major donor to the re-election campaigns […]

New Employment Rules In California On Jan. 1

New rules for disclosing pay range information to applicants and employees, and new record keeping and reporting requirements go into effect in California on January […]

Weed In the Workplace

A management consultancy advises employers on how to craft a policy for marijuana in the workplace. First consideration: Marijuana is illegal at the federal level, […]

First Ever Company Hit With “ATA” Antiterrorism Law

Open law book with a judge's gavel at the center where the pages meet.

For the first time, 18 U.S.C. § 2339B of the Antiterrorism Act (“ATA”) has been invoked to prosecute a company for providing material support to […]

Swaps and Derivatives Facing Greater Scrutiny

Speaking on a panel at the International Swaps and Derivatives Association’s Annual Legal Forum, the chief trial attorney at the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission […]

Developing a Non-Compete Implementation Strategy

Developing a Non-Compete Implementation Strategy

If your business does not have non-compete agreements in place but would like to develop one, what are the options and best practices you should […]

The SPAC Made Me Do IT!

Trevor Milton, founder of alternative-fueled vehicle company Nikola Corp., was convicted Oct 14 of deceiving investors with inflated claims about his company’s progress toward production […]

Preparing For the SEC’s New Climate Disclosure Rules

In March 2022, the Securities and Exchange Commission proposed new rules aimed at requiring SEC reporting companies to provide extensive disclosure of climate-related risks, arguably […]

Roy Moore Case Said To Shake Up US Defamation Law

Illustration/Drawing of birds flying in a small flock, with what look to be angry word balloons.

Roy Moore is the former Chief Justice of Alabama’s Supreme Court, and twice an unsuccessful candidate for the U.S. Senate. When he was in his […]