Crypto-Bankruptcies Have SEC and CFTC Casting Wider Net

The SEC and CFTC have widened the scope of their regulatory actions recently as crypto firm bankruptcies worsen liquidity concerns. Any participant in the cryptocurrency […]

Old fashioned black and white illustration of lion tamer in somewhat comical posed position lording it over some caged lions.

Compliance Issues That Arise When Deploying AI

The fact that AI is a potential loose cannon was seared into the consciousness of the general public a few weeks ago by a New […]

Three business people gathered around a laptop on a table, with vague technology-suggesting icons superimposed over the blue-tinged photo. One of the persons appears to be explaining something to the other two.

Demand “Explainability” When Contracting for AI

The promise of AI systems shouldn’t be ignored, and neither should the limitations and risks that come with it. A post from law firm Pillsbury […]

Two inspectors, hearing orange hard hats and yellow vests, are seen looking into a large pipe, viewed from inside the pipe.

Union Reps Can Accompany OSHA Inspectors Under Proposed Rule

The proposed rule revives a policy that had been squelched under Trump in 2017, and would allow “outsiders” to accompany OSHA inspectors during site visits […]

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Manufacturers Facing A Right-To-Repair Crackdown

Decades ago the antitrust plaintiff bar was targeting what was then called “aftermarket restrictions,” explains a post from law firm Latham & Watkins, but following […]

Why a GRC Framework Is Essential for Your Organization

Increasing regulatory demands pose difficulties in managing and mitigating risks and ensuring compliance. That’s where a governance, risk and compliance (GRC) framework can help. The […]

Colorful collage with a vaguely robotic looking figure being "measured" by delicate hands that are holding a colorful ribbon or tape.

New AI Guidance From The Copyright Office

The U.S. Copyright Office has announced a new artificial intelligence initiative and with it a new guidance, which appeared in the March 16 Federal Register. […]

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Franchise Business Model Under FTC Scrutiny

A Request for Information from the Federal Trade Commission may presage significant changes in the more than $800 billion U.S. franchise industry. Rarely does the […]

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DOJ Going After Interlocking Directorates

The Antitrust Division of the DOJ’s push to rigorously scrutinize interlocking directorates has forced some recent changes on corporate boards. It recently announced that five […]


Upcoming Supreme Court Decisions Likely To Weaken Prosecutors

Two upcoming decisions will likely weaken some of the favored tools in a federal prosecutor’s toolbelt. In Ciminelli v. United States and Percoco v. United […]