Corporate Governance

MeToo Has Changed Everything, From Workplace To M&A

The breathtaking demise of celebrities may be the most dramatic result of the #MeToo movement, as Jerry Seinfeld once mused during an interview. “That’s […]

Corporate Investigations: What A New Survey Tells Us

Being subject to investigations has become a fact of corporate life, and investigations are expected to become more common, according to a recent survey […]

Privilege Caution When In-House Attorney Is 30(b)(6) Witness

In the Northern District of Illinois, a court ruled that a company must produce privileged documents that an in-house attorney used to refresh her […]

Managing Mountains of Data: Q&A with H5

Identifying and retaining data that has business value is critical, but that same data can pose risks. Today’s General Counsel interviewed Sheila Mackay and […]

Subsidiaries, Affiliates And Privilege Protection

When the in-house lawyer communicates with someone from an “affiliated entity,” it complicates the question of attorney-client privilege – or does it? In some […]

Study Confirms: Employees Are Biggest Data-Security Threat

Sixty-nine percent of organizations said they had been breached due to an insider threat. Symptomatic of how intractable the problem has become: Two thirds […]

Governance NGO Tackles Ivory Trade

The Basel Institute on Governance, a non-profit that counters corruption and works to improve the quality of corporate governance, has established a program focused […]

Cyber Insurance Said To Be Fueling Ransomware Attacks

An article from ProPublica makes the case that the economics of the insurance business is resulting in decisions that effectively fuel ransomware attacks, and […]

A Few Rules Of Thumb About Press Releases

Press releases, even social media posts, can draw attention from both regulators and the plaintiff bar. “Treat your posts on social media with the […]

Is The ABA Defending Money Laundering?

A British lawyer and specialist in investigations and asset recovery says the ABA has come out against proposed legislation that would make it more difficult for company principals to hide their identities.