Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

Shareholder Cyber-Lawsuit Vs Board Hits Wall

This case may signal a potential new area of liability exposure for directors and officers, but the opinion is also a reminder of just how difficult it is for plaintiffs to survive the initial pleading hurdles…

What Lawyers Need To Know About Encryption

A recently released whitepaper from Avansic covers the basics about encryption: what it is, how it works, the regulations that address it (HIPAA, for example,…

Cyber Insurance: How The Carriers See It

Cyber insurance has been available for years – AIG has offered it since 1999 – but it’s clearly a product whose time has come. AIG’s…

Cybersecurity Breach Liability

Companies need to be able to make the case that they have implemented “reasonable security” in the face of cyber threats, even though it’s not clear exactly what reasonable security is.

FDIC to Banks: Prep for “Urgent” Threat of Cyberattacks

A Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Working Group formed by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council will soon release a report assessing the banking sector’s overall readiness to address a significant cyberthreat, FDIC Chairman Martin Gruenberg told attendees of the American Banker Regulatory Symposium.

Insurer Not Off The Hook In $3.5 Million Computer-Hack Case

After hackers managed to route $3.5 million from a customer’s Philadelphia bank account to recipients in Russia and Belarus, the bank covered the loss for…

SEC’s Increasing Cybersecurity Disclosure Requirements

The key areas where disclosure may be required: risk factors, management discussion and analysis, description of business, legal proceedings and financial statement disclosure.

Former DHS Chief Offers Up Cyber Insurance

Former homeland security chief Tom Ridge is getting into cyber insurance, he announced this week. In light of massive breaches at Target, Home Depot, JPMorgan…

Lawyer For Hacked Celebs Threatens Google With $100M Suit

Renowned Hollywood lawyer Marty Singer threatened Google with legal action if the tech firm didn’t erase nude photographs of celebrities that were illegally obtained and…

Your Client is Hacked and Personal Information is Leaked Online – Now What?

Respond quickly, contact authorities – including an Internet crime specialty organization – and other tips for corporate lawyers to follow when facing cybercrime.

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