Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

Sony Employees File Class Action After Hack

Sony, still reeling from a massive data hack, must now contend with a class action filed by two former employees who claim the company did […]

Resisting DOJ Warrant, Microsoft Gets Support From Tech Giants

The U.S. Department of Justice wants access to emails stored on Microsoft servers located in Ireland, apropos of a case whose details remain a secret, […]

Secure Promise of Snapchat Hit By A Breach

SnapChat offers a particular kind of security with an application that allows users to send messages that are quickly deleted from the recipient’s phone. Attorneys […]

California Amends Law to Expand Businesses’ Obligations in the Wake of a Data Breach

Starting in January, companies doing business in California may be required to provide identity restoration or mitigation services, if appropriate, to individuals impacted by security data breaches.

Sony Hack Will Change Hollywood Business

The massive computer hack at Sony is expected to result in “significant changes” in the way the Hollywood movie and entertainment industry conducts its business, […]

German Court Finds U.S. Sentence For Hacker Too Extreme

A Turkish man, accused in the U.S. of leading a group that stole almost $60 million by hacking into the networks of credit card payment […]

Biggest 2015 Security Threats

A series of Q&A interviews with security experts discussing what threats kept them up at night in 2014, and what threats may prove most daunting […]

TD Bank Settles For $600K In Long-Unreported Data Breach

Two unencrypted backup tapes went missing from TD Bank in 2012, a data breach that affected 260,000 people, including 90,000 in Massachusetts. The tapes, which […]

Interconnectivity And Information Sharing: Cause As Well As Cure for Cyber Attacks?

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (“NIST”) has issued draft guidelines on Cyber Threat Information Sharing and has recommended various steps that organizations and businesses can take to avert cyber attacks by adopting defensive cyber-operations and incident response activities and introducing effective information sharing practices.

Posner: Privacy Is ‘Overvalued’

Though he said Congress should limit how the NSA can use data it collects, much of “what passes for privacy is really just trying to […]