Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

Home Depot Breach Could Be Largest Ever

Home Depot has confirmed it suffered a security breach of its in-store payment systems, and it may have put 60 million credit card numbers at […]

If a Tree Falls on the Internet … An Insurer Has a Duty to Defend

Confidential information posted online is enough to trigger claims for data privacy, even if no one reads it, a Virginia federal court found in a case where patients uncovered their own medical records using a simple Google search.

Google To Repay Parents For Kids’ Unauthorized App Purchases

Tech giant Google has agreed to repay customers at least $19 million for unauthorized app purchases kids were allowed to make on their parents’ devices. […]

Who Is Liable For Hacking In The Cloud?

The recent instance of hackers obtaining photos that some celebrities had stored in the cloud raises a new legal question corporations and law firms must […]

NSA Bulk Data Collection On Trial This Week

A panel of federal judges this week will be the first to hear a trial on the legality of the National Security Agency’s bulk collection […]

Celeb Photo Scandal A Teachable Moment For Lawyers

A leading theory of how hackers were able to steal naked photos of female celebrities is that the pictures were stored on devices synced to […]

Insurers Rush To Gain Cyber Expertise Ahead Of Booming Market

Ahead of the potentially exponential growth of cyber coverage, insurers are rushing to gain expertise in that fledgling market. Some industry observers say insurers are […]

Cybersecurity Management 2014: A Today’s General Counsel Survey

Roughly half of survey participants said their organization had experienced a data breach, and about the same percentage say their industry is “vulnerable.” Yet when […]

Cybersecurity Poses Hydra-Like Challenge To Corporate America

Cybersecurity burst onto the scene as a major concern in 2013, and going forward companies must prepare for an even more intense onslaught, write Crowell […]