Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Failures Bring Heavy D&O Risk

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Studies from major carriers and consultants, including a survey from Willis Towers Watson in conjunction with law firm Clyde & Co, highlight a concern that […]

DHS Official To In-House Lawyers: Don’t Be “Risk-Averse” About Reporting Cyber Attacks

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Too many in-house counsel yield to an “ingrained, cultural risk aversion” and fail to report cyber attacks, says a senior official with the U.S. Department […]

One Labor Shortage That Could Cost Companies Dearly

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At a time when cybersecurity threats are getting worse and there’s a shortage of qualified professionals to defend against them, many experts already on the […]

Lessons From An Insurer’s Huge Data Breach

Medibank, a huge Australian health insurance company, decided not to insure itself against cyberattacks. In hindsight, they should’ve known better. That’s one lesson to be […]

A Book Maintains The Cyber Insurance Paradigm Is A Failure

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Barely on the radar 30 years ago, cyber breaches have become a threat to everything from teen-age privacy to the integrity of electrical grids and […]

Board, C-Suite Warned: Cyber-Risk Is Your Issue

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Cyber risk management is team sport, says a post from the World Economic Forum, but it warns that failed communication among team members is a […]

Ransomware Gangs Target Manufacturers

They want lots of money and they want it fast, which is why ransomware gangs are increasingly attacking companies in the manufacturing and production sector. […]

The Looming Threat Of Data Breach Class Actions

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A post from law firm Quinn Emanuel begins with a parade of horribles, listing some of the painful consequences suffered by companies that get hit […]

Cybersecurity Labeling For Consumer Products

The White House National Security Council has announced plans for a consumer products cybersecurity labeling program that will improve digital safeguards on internet-connected devices. Representatives […]

The Complex Anatomy Of Cyber Insurance

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Cyber liability insurance, often discussed as if there is a general understanding of what it entails, has many variations. There is no “one-size-fits-all blanket policy […]