Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

Leaked Document: Facebook Can’t Control How Its Systems Use Data

Facebook’s own engineers admit that they can’t keep track of where user data goes once it’s inside Facebook’s systems, according to an internal document leaked […]

Health Company Liable For Substandard Data Protection

Writing in FCPA blog, Annie Hudgins discusses compliance lessons to be drawn from the recently announced settlement between the U.S. Department of Justice and Comprehensive […]

Cicada Attack Lays Low, Then Strikes

Symantec cybersecurity workers warn of a campaign by a Chinese Ministry of State Security system they call Cicada. It lays low for an extended period […]

Top Three Cyber-Risks In the Next Five Years

McKinsey predicts that three major cybersecurity trends which implicate multiple technologies will have the biggest impact on companies in the next three to five years. […]

A $500,000 Lesson In Cybersecurity

Close-up of wire fence with hold cut in it.

If you say you’re using email addresses for order notifications, don’t use them for marketing emails, and don’t send marketing materials to customers who declined […]

Aon Predicts: Six Looming Risks For The Coming Decade

With dramatic sky background, slhouette figures crossing a precipice.

Number one on this list from Aon PLC is cyberattacks, including ransomware attacks, followed by the more amorphous and in some ways more intractable category […]

A Trade Secret Slugfest In Big Pharma

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Weeks after being sued by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer on multiple counts, including misappropriation of trade secrets and breach of contract, two former Pfizer executives have […]

Irish High Court Will Hear Security Complaint Against Google

The Irish High Court has agreed to hear a whopper of a security complaint, which was filed against Google’s adtech in 2018, when the European […]

Treasury Department Evaluating Captives Role In TRIP

The Treasury Dept has collected data from property and casualty insurers regarding the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program, which includes cyber insurance, mostly for ransomware attacks, […]

Data and Biometric Privacy Regulation Surging

New privacy laws are either in effect or in the works worldwide. Businesses ignore them at their peril. Biometric regulation at the state and local […]