Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

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$3 Million Lesson On What To Reveal After A Ransomware Attack

The SEC has reached a $3 million settlement with Blackbaud, a client relationship company for non-profits, over allegations that it both dissembled in SEC filings […]

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Why Healthcare Is A Sitting Duck For Cyber Attacks, And What To Do About It

So-called social engineering attacks – including Phishing, Vishing/Smishing, Baiting, “Quid Pro Quo,” and Pretexting – don’t involve a technical breach in the engineering sense. Rather […]

About 1/4 Of Cyber-Insurance Claims Excluded

Nathaniel Cole, writing in Network Assured, highlights statistics that illustrate the state of the cybersecurity insurance market, among them: In a 2022 survey, only 19 […]

Employees Are Already Submitting Sensitive Data to ChatGPT, and We’re Not Even in the First Inning

Over 4 percent of employees have been submitting sensitive business data and privacy-protected information to large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT, raising concerns that […]

Don’t Be Complacent About Your Personal Data If Your Company Has a Data Breach

When it comes to data breaches, there are big differences between organizations and individuals regarding security. Organizations are usually well-informed about the risks and may […]

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GoodRX Settlement Points To Possible Gaping Hole In Cyber Coverage

The familiar breach scenario involves a bad-actor third party that steals information that it can monetize, or locks up a company’s computer systems pending a […]

Trending Cybersecurity Threats and Responses

The era of individual hackers is over. Now the dominant threat comes from sophisticated organizations that use tools like AI and machine learning to grow […]

Trends In Economic and Anti-Money Laundering Sanctions

The Paul Weiss firm has published a survey of economic sanctions and anti-money laundering trends. The big story in both areas last year was the […]

Cybersecurity and Company Valuation

Ankur Sheth writes about how cybersecurity risk impacts private equity in a deal cycle. Risk managers, especially those at companies contemplating mergers and acquisitions, can […]

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Ransomware Attack? What The FBI Can Do For You.

According to a senior FBI official, healthcare was the number one target for ransomware attacks last year, followed by manufacturing and government, including schools. The […]