Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Firm Breached, Passwords Stolen

Thousands of customers of Norton LifeLock, an identity protection and cybersecurity firm, had their accounts compromised recently. The breach potentially allows hackers access to customer […]

Ohio Supreme Court Says No Property Coverage For Ransomware

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In a unanimous ruling, the Ohio Supreme Court held that ransomware costs to a medical billing software company are not covered by its property insurance […]

Draft Decision On Transferring Personal Data From EU to US

On December 31 the European Commission published a draft decision on adequate protection of personal data under the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework. It is part […]

Who “Sponsored” That Cyberattack?

In a bulletin issued last summer, Lloyds of London announced that it will no longer insure against cyberattacks by governments and “state actors,” but the […]

Latest Insidious Variations On Ransomware Attacks

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One new strategy targets healthcare organizations by sending practitioners – doctors and nurses – authentic-looking files that include such things as ultrasound images or other […]

If You Want Cheaper Cyber Insurance, Tighten The Ship

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A post by an executive from international insurer Allianz includes highlights from a recent Allianz publication titled “Cyber: The changing threat landscape/Risk trends, responses and […]

Oracle-TikTok Ties Probed

Bi-partisan legislation has been proposed to ban the TikTok app from operating in the U.S.  The concern is its ties to its China-based parent company […]

Blaming the CISO Is Counterproductive

Holding the chief information security officer responsible after a company discovers a data breach sounds like a no-brainer. Not long ago the CEO bore the […]

Cybersecurity Flaws In Defense Industry

The Government Accountability Office has published a lengthy report detailing cybersecurity deficiencies in the Dept. Of Defense, and in private companies involved in U.S. military […]

5G’s Predicted “Fourth Industrial Revolution” Includes Big Cyber-Risk

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It would be hard to overstate the promise of 5G communications. It’s exponentially faster and comes with lower “latency” than 4G, and will  bring dramatic […]