Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

MBAs Hire Moving Company To Provide Cybersecurity

In 2015, some of the finest minds on Wall Street went to work on a knotty problem: How to dispose of old computers containing hard […]

Lloyd’s Bulletin Y5381 Has The Market In A Tizzy

Regro illustration of crowd, probably late 18th C London, crowding around looking at the news.

Issued on August 16, with the title “State backed cyber-attack exclusions,” Lloyd’s Market Bulletin Ref: Y5381 says in part that all cyber-attack policies falling within […]

Dangerous Hybrid: “Psychological” Cyber Crime

Two symmetical shadowy male figures, out of focus, facing each other and gesturing as if talking to each other.

Sophisticated cyber-engineering skills are not required. At work here is a new iteration of an old archetype, the con artist who “cajoles, flatters, feigns ignorance […]

Big Hotel Company Hacked

A somewhat abstract illustration of a finger pointing, a fingerprint image superimposed over it, with various object in space around it.

InterContinental Hotels’ (IHG) online booking systems and other services were interrupted by a cyberattack on Sept. 5. IHG operates 17 hotel brands worldwide, with offices […]

Are Biometric Privacy Liability Risks Covered by Insurance?

Biometric, digital fingerprint

When taking surveys, general counsel rank privacy liability at the top of their list of concerns, and rightly so. Privacy litigation presents a growing source […]

Ransom Paid, Data Leaked Anyway

Stealing sensitive data is now routine for ransomware attackers, who threaten to release it if the ransom isn’t paid. Victims of ransomware attacks have very […]

Too Smart to be Fooled by a Phisher?

In August 2022, Twilio, Cloudflare and Cisco said phishers tricked their employees into revealing their credentials. Employees of all three companies received text messages or […]

Lawyers, Journalists Sue CIA & Pompeo, Claim Their Phones Were Stripped

Demonstrators with masks at a demonstration in support of Assange, his photo faintly visible on a sign in the background.

The CIA and its former director Mike Pompeo are being sued by journalists and attorneys who claim data was exfiltrated from their phones when they […]

Crisis Control On Steroids

If you have a vague feeling that the frequency and seriousness of ransomware attacks is increasing, you’re right. In fact, you don’t know the half […]

“Autonomous Vehicles” Could Breed Swarm Of Product Liability Plaintiffs

Diagram-like illustration of self-driving car sending out a signal in bumper-to-bumper traffic

There are an estimated 6 million vehicle accidents per year in the U.S., and most of them, its safe to say, result in one or […]