Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

How A Civil War Law To Snare Mule Scammers Enhances Cyber Risk For Govt Contractors

Man with mule cart retro line drawing.

The False Claims Act, passed in 1863 to nab unscrupulous merchants selling sawdust-laden gunpowder and lame mules to the Union army, is now being applied […]

Popular Bitcoin ATMs Are Enabling Fraud

Stylized cash machine with arrows suggesting interchange.

In convenience stores, Walmarts and drugstores nationwide, there are now thousands of ATMs that will take cash and convert it to credit in a crypto […]

Giving TPSPs The Third Degree

Antique line drawing of someone being in a chair being questinoned

Cybers attacks that gain access through a vendor or supply chain partner have become increasingly common. The SolarWinds hack is the best known and likely […]

Governor Threatens To Prosecute Newspaper That Reported State Security Flaw

retro man reading newspaper in newspaper storage room

An application on the website of a Missouri education agency enabled the public to search for teachers by name and view their credentials, but it […]

Another Supply Chain Woe

When hackers working for Russian intelligence compromised updates from IT services provider SolarWinds, cybercriminals used the data to target around 100 of the company’s customers. […]

Three Ways To Reduce D&O Cyber Risk

Silhouette person at computer, with ghost-like figure sneaking up from behind.

Cyber risks, including the risk of ransomware attacks, are proving to be a direct threat to company officers and directors. D&O lawsuits targeting officials at […]

Ransomware Gangs Running Their Own Arbitration Forums

Two people at a table negotiating over money

After staging highly successful attacks earlier this year, first on a big meat supplier and then on software company Kaseya, ransomware gang REvil practically became […]

A Russia-Based Growth Industry

$6.3 million here, $4.9 million there and pretty soon you’re talking about real money —  $5.2 billion in this case, which is the amount of […]

Clarity Please! Says Crypto-Mom

Hand reaches towards bitcoin sitting in a trap

Hester Peirce, aka “Crypto Mom,” one of two SEC Commissioners who recently published a statement slamming the agency for the way it is regulating cryptocurrencies, […]

A New Approach To Preventing Cyberattacks

The Data Loss Prevention model is the commonly used approach for keeping data secure from cyberattacks, but it is increasingly less effective as cybercriminals refine […]

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