Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

Cyber Warning: Time To Get Serious About Energy Infrastructure

Electrical transmission towers at night.

The Department of Homeland Security has officially declared there are 18 critical infrastructure sectors in the United States. According to Jeh Charles Johnson, in this […]

The Luxury Side Of the Hack, And Other Cybersecurity Stories That Made History In 2021

Close up of a Rolls Royce grill.

Online publication Motherboard selects nine of the year’s best stories on hacking, information security, privacy, and surveillance “that we wish we had reported and written […]

Log4j Flaw Widespread, Cyber-Attackers Probing Systems

New Technique to Fool Ransomware Protection

Microsoft has warned its Windows and Aztec customers that it has observed state-sponsored and cyber-criminal attackers probing systems for the Log4j “Log4Shell” flaw through December […]

Data Breach Trends For 2022

Experian forecasts five top data breach trends in 2022, two of which aim squarely at corporations. Remote workers will be targeted by data thieves who […]

A Cybersecurity Wish List

Line drawing of hand holding a figurine of a distressed king.

On the whole you’d have to say cyber crime pays. It cost the U.S. public more than $4 billion in 2020, according to FBI statistics, […]

A Key Word For Risk Managers In 2022

Stylized old-fashioned sailing ship on a stormy sea.

Calling 2021 “an extremely weird and trying year” and predicting more of the same for 2022, a writer from insurer Zurich North America says the […]

Transnational Companies Must Sell Into Nest Of Cybersecurity Regs

Collage of the words "yes" and "no."

Almost all products now contain digital components, and many can connect to the internet. These products – ranging from talking dolls to medical devices, to […]

Cuban Ransomware Gang Active In U.S.

According to the FBI, a Cuban ransomware gang has compromised the networks of at least 49 organizations “including but not limited to the financial, government, […]

How A Civil War Law To Snare Mule Scammers Enhances Cyber Risk For Govt Contractors

Man with mule cart retro line drawing.

The False Claims Act, passed in 1863 to nab unscrupulous merchants selling sawdust-laden gunpowder and lame mules to the Union army, is now being applied […]

Popular Bitcoin ATMs Are Enabling Fraud

Stylized cash machine with arrows suggesting interchange.

In convenience stores, Walmarts and drugstores nationwide, there are now thousands of ATMs that will take cash and convert it to credit in a crypto […]

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