Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

Montana Enacts Data Privacy Law

The Montana Consumer Data Privacy Act, passed unanimously by the state legislature and signed into law on May 19, was so completely overshadowed by the […]

Big Pharmacy Services Provider Breached

An “unknown third party” hacked into computer systems belonging to PharMerica, a leading U.S. pharmacy service provider, and apparently stole the personal data of nearly […]

insurance policy

Insurance Coverage for Email Scams

A genuine looking email is sent to a company’s accounts payable department with instructions from its president to pay money to a certain account. The […]

Image of human figure on a compouter screen, as he is pulling a rope attached to an envelope that is imaged on an adjacent computer screen.

Be on the Lookout for Cactus Ransomware!

A new ransomware operation called Cactus is exploiting vulnerabilities in network devices with enhanced security features, or VPN appliances, to access the networks of large […]

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Generative AI: Making It Easier for Scammers and Thwarting Them at the Same Time

Before generative AI was publicly available, multiple resources were required to run disinformation campaigns effectively. However, this new technology has made it easier to create fake news […]

New Technique to Fool Ransomware Protection

Global Food Company Hacked

Hackers breached the network of Sysco, a big global food distribution company, earlier this year. In an internal memo sent to employees May 3rd, the […]

Cybersecurity Impacted by Hybrid and Remote Workers

The impact of the hybrid workforce on cybersecurity is becoming a major issue for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and Legal Operations Managers. The 2023 State […]

Three business people gathered around a laptop on a table, with vague technology-suggesting icons superimposed over the blue-tinged photo. One of the persons appears to be explaining something to the other two.

Maybe They Are Avatars

The metaverse is so huge and complicated that JPMorgan Chase Bank, the fifth biggest bank in the real world, got lost in it. Now the […]

Can Cybersecurity Training Prevent Data Breaches?

An IBM report states that the global average cost for data breaches grew to $4.24 million in 2021. The report showed that companies with employees […]

Cascading Software Supply Chain Attack

A hack of the business solutions firm 3CX was revealed in March when customers complained that various cybersecurity products had been triggering warnings for the […]