Modernizing the eDiscovery Workflow for Emerging Data Sources

VECA, vdiscovery Early Case Assessment software

The world is changing, and so are the ways we communicate. In wake of the pandemic and the rise of remote work, there has been […]

Iowa Football Culture Investigation Gets Out Of The Box

Cartoonish man figure bursting out of a colorful box.

It’s become a common refrain, says Todd Presnell in his  Presnell on Privileges blog. Student athletes at a university claim mistreatment. University commissions internal investigation. […]

Quick Wins for Legal and IT Collaboration

quick wins for legal and IT collaboration

Have you ever forgotten to create a legal hold only to get a multi-million-dollar sanction ordered against your company? Even if you’ve never lived your […]

Continuous Active Learning for Litigation Discovery

Continuous Active Learning Litigation Discovery

There is no denying that the technological revolution has had a substantial impact on every major industry, including the legal sector. While many technologies have […]

Linked Content Strains E-Discovery Workflows

Linked Content Strains E-Discovery Workflows

In March 2021, a U.S. district court judge made a significant ruling regarding the definition of hyperlinked content and the requirement to produce it in […]

How AI Streamlines Data Breach Review for General Counsel

AI Streamlines Data Breach Review

As data breaches increase in frequency and severity, data protection and privacy regulations are requiring organizations to deliver reports to regulators very quickly. With data […]

E-Discovery Confronts A Data Nightmare

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Data-mining yesterday’s email is child’s play compared to what is now required from information governance and e-discovery programs. Social media platforms are just a piece […]

Gunmaker Said To Be Flooding Sandy Hook Plaintiffs With Irrelevant Documents

Alleged e-discovery abuse was front and center in the latest round of a lawsuit that targets a gun manufacturer whose product was used in one […]

Can ‘Defamation Detection’ Be Automated?

An AI application developed by former journalists in Ireland is being touted as an effective first read to flag potential defamation, says an article in […]

Think About Digital Forensics When You Conduct E-Discovery

Society’s dependence on digital platforms and networks has changed our legal system. Digital evidence is now a critical component of both civil and criminal proceedings. […]