A cubist-style illustration of a man with several arms that appear to be reaching out to various icons of technology- gears, computer screens, light bulbs, etc.

Information and Data Governance Are Not the Same

As a legal operations professional, it’s important to understand the distinction between information governance and data governance. While they are […]

An index finger pointing to a page that has head shots of numerous people on it.

Don’t Let Yourself Be Part of a Company Layoff

No one is immune to a layoff. For some people, being laid off is based on merit and performance. For […]

Three business people gathered around a laptop on a table, with vague technology-suggesting icons superimposed over the blue-tinged photo. One of the persons appears to be explaining something to the other two.

Lawyers Using Generative AI Confront Ethical Issues

Our March 31 post “Are Lawyers Welcoming Generative AI?” addresses the results of the LexisNexis survey of lawyers, law students […]

Will GPTs Replace Your Employees?

OpenAI’s latest addition to its series of large language models (LLMs), the GPT-4, can exhibit human-like performance in a variety […]

Are Lawyers Welcoming Generative AI?

LexisNexis recently released results from a survey of 1,176 US lawyers, 1,239 law students, and 1,765 consumers. The research was […]

GPT-4 Scores at the Top of the Class on the Uniform Bar Exam

Earlier this year, two legal scholars and scientists had GPT 3.5 take the multiple-choice portion of the bar exam. It failed […]

Post-Pandemic Shift for E-Discovery and Forensic Experts

As a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, e-discovery and digital forensics have practically changed overnight. For experts, the pandemic resulted […]

Key AI Ethics Team Cut by Microsoft

During the recent layoff of 10,000 employees, Microsoft completely cut its ethics and society team, which was responsible for making […]

Finding the Right E-Discovery Partner

Are you looking to engage an e-discovery service provider for your matter management? Making sure you select the right e-discovery […]

AI Uses In E-discovery You May Not Know About

There are several practical applications of AI technology besides predictive coding that are proven effective in streamlining e-discovery. Identification of […]

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