E-Discovery Lesson For Slack Users

Philip Favro, writing on the Driven Inc. Blog, looked back on key cases from 2019 and the lessons they offer going forward. The first one […]

Privilege Caution When In-House Attorney Is 30(b)(6) Witness

In the Northern District of Illinois, a court ruled that a company must produce privileged documents that an in-house attorney used to refresh her memory […]

Have Algorithms Gotten A Bad Rap?

Sendhil Mullainathan, a professor of behavioral and computational science at the University of Chicago, is the co-author of two studies that document the extent to […]

Managing Mountains of Data: Q&A with H5

Identifying and retaining data that has business value is critical, but that same data can pose risks. Today’s General Counsel interviewed Sheila Mackay and Karla […]

Years of ADA Shakedowns Alleged, And A Law Firm Settles

A Silicon Valley law firm has settled a lawsuit alleging that it was shaking down small businesses by filing lawsuits for minor and in some cases bogus ADA violations and then extracting settlements.

Negotiating Second Request Discovery

A Hart Scott Rodino Second Request can be a major impediment to the completion of an M&A deal, and compliance can be a challenge. It […]

Cybersecurity Protocols and ADR

Surveys taken after the massive Panama Papers hack suggested that law firm cybersecurity industry-wide was lagging behind health care and financial services companies. Now it […]

Ransom Attack Hits A Case-Management Provider; Client Law Firms Feel The Pinch

One of the nation’s largest case-management firms has been targeted by a ransomware attack. Early in October, it alerted customers regarding what it first characterized as a security breach caused by a…..

Negotiating Second Request Discovery

Few things can incite more urgency for legal and compliance teams than a Hart Scott Rodino Second Request. Notorious for their tight deadlines and high […]

In-House Counsel, PR Consultants And The Privilege

Formerly PR, and PR crises in particular, were handled internally and with extensive involvement of the legal department. Today the handling of PR crises is […]