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Process Is King in Contract Management

contract management solutions

The vast majority of contract lifecycle management (CLM) implementations fail to deliver the value that organizations expect. Technology is not the culprit, so what is? […]

Whole-of-Government and Corporate Compliance

climate regulations

Tackling the nation’s problems with a whole-of-government (WoG) approach is a common refrain lately in statements by U.S. executive branch officials. Invoked in presidential memoranda, […]

Golden Opportunity To Buy Legal Tech in 2022

Legal technology in 2022

The Legal Spend Landscape for 2022, a recent survey of financial services firms commissioned by Apperio, indicates that in-house legal teams have a great opportunity […]

DAOs Can Revolutionize Corporate Governance


Entrepreneurs are experimenting with a new form of organization called a DAO — a blockchain-based structure that draws upon the transparency of blockchain technology and […]

Risk of Personal Liability Despite Incorporation

Personal risk liability despite incorporation

One of the fundamental principles of corporate law is that the owners, directors and officers of a corporate entity generally are not personally responsible for […]

Canada’s New National Security Priorities

Canada’s New National Security Priorities

For years, Canada’s security and intelligence community wrestled with the question of who poses a threat to the country’s national security. But in 2020, that […]

The Role of the GC: Q&A with Ira H. Raphaelson

GC Interview with Ira Raphaelson and risk management

Kevin Bolan, a partner at White & Case LLP, recently discussed the role of the general counsel with his colleague Ira H. Raphaelson, who twice […]

Important Supreme Court Ruling on Standing

Important Supreme Court Ruling on Standing

In June 2021, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its opinion in TransUnion LLC v. Ramirez, reversing a class action award of roughly $40 million in […]

Legal and Financial Risks in Your Contracts

Legal and Financial Risks in Your Contracts

Contracts play a critical role in helping companies manage their relationships with all parties in the supply chain, but poor contract management processes can impact […]

Pandemic Primes Law Departments for a New Normal

Pandemic Primes Law Departments for a New Normal

The Covid-19 pandemic has stress-tested the current operations of corporate law departments and legal professionals generally, placing increased pressure on the people, processes and technology […]