Feature Articles

Settlement Negotiations May Not Be Confidential

During lawsuit settlement negotiations, parties often have candid and what they consider off-the-record discussions, sometimes under the mistaken impression that these discussions cannot be used […]

Local Jurisdiction Over Foreign Companies

Two Supreme Court decisions from last term could have a large impact on the business community. Both involved the scope of personal jurisdiction over foreign […]

Declining Dollar Impacts Outsourcing Market

Recent changes in the global economy, the Federal Reserve’s loose monetary policy and historically high U.S. deficits have contributed to a rapid decline in value […]

Euro-Crisis Brings Endemic Problems to the Surface

Both the EU and the eurozone (the countries that have adopted the Euro) remain decentralized and weak, the author says, and the constituent national governments […]

Crisis Management Should Precede the Crisis

In a communications environment increasingly driven by social media, the traditional conflict between corporate communicators and lawyers during corporate crises has abated, with both camps […]

Trial Tactics in International Arbitrations

International arbitrations are unique proceedings that can make successful advocacy a challenge. But by implementing tactics trial lawyers use to achieve courtroom success, parties can […]