Wells Fargo Back In the Dock

Federal prosecutors are investigating whether Wells Fargo conducted sham interviews with minority and female applicants to make it appear that the bank was following diversity […]

Compliance and Confidentiality Agreements Clash

Compliance requires constant modification of policies based on honest feedback. Confidentiality agreements are all about keeping your mouth shut. Ipso facto, confidentiality agreements obstruct compliance, […]

The FTC Is Coming After Marketers and Robocallers

The newly-constituted FTC is now back to full strength and is coming after digital marketers and robocallers. It recently issued its Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM), seeking […]

Constitutional Concerns About Disclosure Bill on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The California Climate Corporate Accountability Act (SB260) requires large companies to report annually on their greenhouse gas emissions. It was voted out of the Senate earlier […]

Unlocking the Full Value of Your Data

Typically, organizations use a grassroots or big-bang data strategy to manage their data, but neither allows companies to make the most of their data investments. […]

Surviving and Thriving with AI and Machine Learning in the World of Law

As artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) continue to become more sophisticated, their impact has extended to almost every industry in the world. The […]

CLOC 2022: The Future of Legal Ops

As the pandemic left a huge impact on legal operations, it also became a driver for change. The Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC), held in […]


An appeals court in Ohio has partially upheld a finding of contempt of court against a lawyer who pulled down his mask to speak during […]

Cloud Computing Presents Unique Security Issues

Cloud security is the fastest growing segment of the security market, according to Znet. Spending on cloud security rise from $595 million in the US […]

Is An SEC “Greenwashing” Charge Covered By D&O Insurance?

Illustration of toy wood house with green-leaved wood block trees around it.

So-called ESG initiatives are good PR for the company and good for the world, most would agree. They can  also reduce risk, so much so […]