What’s Driving Today’s Hefty D&O Claims?

Two human-like figures green and black, the green one holding a green umbrella as lines representing rain fall arouind them.

Historically, securities class actions have been a major driver of directors and officers insurance claims, and the number of such cases actually fell last year, […]

Shoring Up the Maritime Supply Chain

The Port of Los Angeles has contacted the FBI for assistance in preventing cyberattacks, which are occurring at the rate of 40 million per month, […]

Beirut Explosion Victims Sue In Texas

A ship called the MV Rhosus unloaded 2,750 tons of explosive ammonium nitrate at the Port of Beirut, Lebanon in 2013. There it sat in […]

Historic Federal Data Privacy Bill Makes It Out of House Committee

For years, lawmakers have avoided making the tough calls about what data privacy protections Congress should give consumers and how those protections should be enforced. […]

Strong M&A Activity Predicted Despite Economic Slowdown

Global conflict and economic tensions ― from the Russia-Ukraine war to the disruption of supply chains, rising global inflation and uncertain valuations ― are behind […]

The Three-Day-Minimum Hybrid Approach for Return to Work

As life after the pandemic has normalized, leaders are faced with employees wanting to manage their work/life balance, the company wanting to reduce the cost […]

It’s Not How Much or How Well, but What Gets Done

Although legal culture is fixated on productivity, efficiency and effectiveness are more important when it comes to getting work done. Productivity is the measure of […]

Bans on NDAs Spread, Expanding Beyond #MeToo

Five years after the #MeToo movement spotlighted sexual harassment and assault, NDA bans have spread and expanded beyond their original scope. In 2018, California enacted […]

Bribes Are Illegal, Even If They Aren’t Paid

The fact that offering a bribe is illegal even if the offer is not accepted is counter-intuitive, and bears repeating in training sessions, writes Richard […]

Worker’s Comp Fraud

Joanne Florek, an upstate New York resident, was arraigned recently on eight felony counts for allegedly swindling Workers’ Compensation out of more than $80,000, a […]