Will Insurance Cover Companies That Facilitate Employee Abortion Travel?

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In states that have banned or sharply restricted abortion since the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, many companies have said they will help employees who want […]

Privilege Can Be Fragile, Watch Your Tongue.

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A federal court ruling in Kansas can be read as a warning to in-house counsel, a reminder “to train their corporate officers about the fragility […]

Law Firms, Consultancies Hacked

An Austrian Spyware company, DSIRF, was behind a series of hacks that included law firms. It used “Subzero” – malicious software designed to spy and […]

Patent Asserting Entities and the Federal Circuit

A research project set out to discover who files appeals to the Court of Appeals For the Federal Circuit in patent infringement cases, and how […]

PayPal Employees Invest in Innovation

Crowdsourcing innovation has been a struggle for organizations. It typically results in poor or useless ideas, management resistance, or monetary rewards that encourage quantity rather […]

After Dobbs, Abortion Still Protected in the Workplace

Despite the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization eliminating abortion rights on the federal level, pregnancy discrimination laws are still […]

How Deep Is Microsoft Teams Security?

Microsoft Teams, the communication platform that integrates with Office365, saw a surge in use when the pandemic hit, with its user base growing to well […]

Preparing for CPRA’s Expanded Consumer Rights

Comments for the California Privacy Protection Agency’s (CPPA) draft regulation to implement the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) are due August 23, 2022. The draft […]

The Costs and Consequences of a Data Breach

Protecting Privileged Forensic Reports

When someone breaks through security measures to illegally access data, it’s called a data breach. If the breach results in data being lost, the costs […]

UPO To Be Up and Running Early 2023

After its July 8 meeting the Unified Patent Court in Luxembourg issued a report saying “the timing of the start of operations of the Court […]