Covid-19 and Work-Related Psychological Injury

Covid-19 and Work-Related Psychological Injury

Vast numbers of people are getting anxious and depressed, and experiencing a variety of psychologically produced physical symptoms as a result of the Covid-19 […]

Fox Promotes Taylor to General Counsel

Jeff Taylor, who has been serving as executive vice president and chief litigation counsel at Fox Corp since 2019, has been promoted to general […]

Congress May Move Against Supreme Court’s Shadow Docket

Recently, and without acknowledgment, the Supreme Court has changed the way it decides most cases. It has skipped the appeals procedure in favor of […]

New Life Predicted For Consumer Protection Agency

A TCPA defense blog looks at a recent policy statement from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and doesn’t like what it sees. “Unfortunately, it […]

Updated Complaint Targets Google’s Ad-Targeting Technology

In an updated complaint, a group of state attorneys general included more details for its antitrust suit against Google. It was filed in response […]

SEC Pushing for Ripple Execs Records

In a letter to the court dated March 17, the SEC discussed its reasons for subpoenaing the financial records of Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse […]

SEC’s Rationale For Action Against XRP Cryptocurrency

Investors who have been adding crypto CFDs to their portfolios have been spooked by SEC v. Ripple. Nikhil Mehta, an attorney at SmithAmundsen LLC, […]

Alzheimer’s, Or Coverup For Massive Client Ripoff?

Celebrity plaintiff attorney Tom Garardi, who has been accused of running a Ponzi scheme at the expense of clients and litigation funders, is said […]

Interview with an IP Monetization Wizard

The interviewer calls Ozer M. N. Teitelbaum the “nicest person in patent monetization and intellectual property strategy.” He currently has “a myriad of early […]

Top RICO Lawyer Hired To Go After Trump On Georgia Election Charges

The Georgia district attorney who is investigating Trump over alleged election interference has enlisted the help of John Floyd, a partner at the Bondurant […]