Merger Augurs Consolidation of Weed Industry

Canada legalized recreational marijuana in 2018. Soon there were about 500 licensed cannabis companies, but an announcement that two of the largest, Aphria and Tilray, […]

A Lesson In Fine Print For Contract Attorneys

Exxon announced its plan to increase oil and gas production in the guise of a commitment to help reduce emissions, writes Emily Atkin, in HEATED. […]

The Rise Of “Event-Driven” Securities Class Actions

Events like environmental disasters, #MeToo reckonings, cybersecurity breaches and even COVID outbreaks, which might predictably draw plaintiff injury lawsuits, are increasingly becoming the basis of […]

CFAA Before the Supreme Court

Oral arguments have been presented to the Supreme Court in Van Buren vs. United States, a case concerning the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. The […]

Fourth Industrial Revolution Patent Applications Increasing Fast

A study analyzing patent applications for “fourth industrial revolution” (4IR) technologies – “the global technology trends enabling the data-driven economy” – reveals that in the […]

Fox Backtracks Re “Election Fraud” After GC Gets A Demand Letter

False claims about the election from Lou Dobbs, “Judge Jeanine” and other Fox News Network personalities and their guests drew a demand letter from Benesch […]

Internet “Terms-Of-Service” Will Get SCOTUS Review

The on-line contracts called terms-of-service are under scrutiny in a case now before the Supreme Court, with a decision likely early next year. Van Buren […]

Long game attacks wipe away backup infrastructure

A security professional and his team were onsite to discuss a solution they were building when the client brought up anomalies with its backup data. […]

SEC Fines Company For Understating Covid Hit

The SEC has levied a $125,000 penalty against Cheesecake Factory Inc. for understating the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on its business. Specifically, the company […]

Trump Diversity Training Order Roils HR Depts, Triggers Lawsuit

An executive order prohibiting “divisive concepts” in diversity training has caused confusion and discord in HR and legal departments, and in some organizations, engendered some […]