Google Street View Cy Pres Settlement Likely Will Stand (Better Than 22 Cents To The Plaintiffs, Said Judge)

In a case that pits Google against a class of around 60 million plaintiffs, a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals panel signaled “a strong […]

Ripple and SEC Won’t Settle, Privilege An Issue

One thing both sides agree on in the matter of SEC v. Ripple; there is little chance of a pre-trial settlement. They explained that […]

Beware the Blue Screen of Death

IT company Parachute has a useful primer on malware – what it is, signs you’re infected, how to remove it, etc. Malware usually exploits […]

Legal Tech Firms Merge, Get $200 Million Investment

K1 Investment Management has put a big wad of cash behind newly-merged Reveal — an e-discovery platform that utilizes AI and Brainspace — a […]

Amazon Strikes Back – Sues NY Over “Exorbitant” Covid Demands

Amazon has filed a preemptive lawsuit in federal court in the Eastern District of New York, asking for a declaration that New York attorney […]

Epic D&O Insurance Coverage Case Out Of Delaware

Every now and then, writes D&O insurance expert Kevin LaCroix. there is a coverage dispute “so broad that it constitutes a veritable D&O insurance […]

Top Insurance Coverage Cases Of 2020

The COVID pandemic spawned a number of these cases, including some significant policyholder victories related specifically to business interruption claims. Among these are Studio […]

Basic Ask For The Tax Lawyer: “Tell Me How Far I Can Go”

New York attorney general Letitia James, closing in on Donald Trump’s real estate business, wants to see a trove of tax-related communications between law […]

Why A PayPal Shareholder Class Action Was Thrown Out Of Court

Technical problems aside, companies that become aware of a data breach are faced with a spectrum of difficult choices, typically boiling down to three […]

Software to Identify the Homeless and People With Mental Issues

Buzzfeed reports that Clearview AI, the facial recognition company, has applied for a patent that could be used to identify drug users and the homeless. […]