Career Development

New World Of Risk For Power Industry, Alternative Or Not

Power generation, wind tower in the foreground, fossil fuel plant with smoke rising in the back.

The evolution of power generation to cleaner and smarter systems is often portrayed as smooth and relatively risk-free, but in fact the industry is facing […]

Kennedy Magic Levitates An Anti-Vax Group

Room furniture being levitated as if by magic.

A formerly obscure anti-vax group became a fund raising and propaganda powerhouse when Robert F. Kennedy Jr.came aboard, and it’s now one of the world’s […]

A Key Word For Risk Managers In 2022

Stylized old-fashioned sailing ship on a stormy sea.

Calling 2021 “an extremely weird and trying year” and predicting more of the same for 2022, a writer from insurer Zurich North America says the […]

Which Law Schools Do The Pricey Lawyers Come From?

Lady Justice looking formidable with sword and scales.

A study from GradReports and data research company Optimal is said to identify “the top 10 schools that place the greatest percentage of grads at […]

Unlikely Plaintiffs Challenge Bristol Myers Squibb Vaccine Policy

Gloved hands holding vaccine needles crossed.

Four plaintiffs, all highly-paid professionals, have filed a putative class action against Bristol Myers Squibb, claiming they were wrongfully denied religious exemptions to the company’s […]

Which Agency Will Regulate Crypto, SEC or CFTC?

Two cartoon pariscopes looking at each other.

Both the SEC and Commodity Futures Trading Commission have a case for becoming the “crypto-sheriff,” the arguments largely resting on the question of whether crypto […]

What Lisa Monaco Said

Stylized courthouse with arrow striking at it.

In a speech before an American Bar Association institute on white collar crime, Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco gave what’s widely viewed as a […]

Pot Growers Said To Be Clueless Re Insurance

Cannabis leaves in front of Ben Frnaklin's face on a $100 bill.

The typical cannabis policyholder too often views insurance coverage “as a box to check off for compliance purposes,” according to the managing partner of one […]

“Bankroll Johnny” Allegedly Filed Insurance Claims On Jewelry Forfeited When He Went To Prison

An Oregon man who was serving a 57-month sentence got out of federal prison in the summer of 2020 on a compassionate early release program, […]

A Recommended Framework For IP Risk Management

Stylized document page, with successive lines of text, and a pencil ready to mark the page.

Recognizing IP risks in advance is the best way to mitigate them and avoid being blindsided, either by losing rights before they are protected or […]

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